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Road Accidents Can Be Avoided ‘By Learning Crossing Rules’

Road Accidents Can Be Avoided ‘By Learning Crossing Rules’

Drivers and pedestrians are regularly involved in accidents as a result of Brits not understanding rules regarding road crossings.

While it might seem obvious to stop at a red light and go when it is green, recent research from Admiral Insurance revealed as much as 92 per cent of people did not know what a toucan crossing was; 85 per cent could not understand the difference between a puffin and toucan crossing; 79 per cent were confused by a pelican crossing; and a quarter were unfamiliar with zebra crossings.

This is leading to a rise in the number of casualties – and even fatalities – on the road every year, with one death and 15 serious injuries occurring every day on UK roads, according to the Department for Transport.

Head of motor at Admiral Sabine Williams said: “More needs to be done to make sure all road users know what their responsibilities are when it comes to cross, so we can see a reduction in the number of accidents taking place.”

She added it is “worrying” how little both pedestrians and motorists know about the crossing rules.

The findings showed more than a third (38 per cent) of pedestrian casualties occur on or within 50 metres of a pelican crossing, while 31 per cent happen near to light controlled crossings, and 25 per cent close to zebra crossings.

Both drivers and pedestrians typically blame each other for the incident, with motorists claiming the injured party did not look before crossing, and pedestrians stating drivers were travelling too fast.

There could be an increase in the number of road accidents occurring this month, after Churchill Car Insurance warned there is typically a spike in incidences in November due to the clocks going back and more children crossing roads at night for Halloween and Guy Fawkes’ events, reported iNews.

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