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6 Dashboard Warning Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore!

6 Dashboard Warning Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Cars these days come with so many gadgets and gizmos that drivers can perhaps be forgiven for choosing to ignore certain lights when they come on… but there are certainly some that should never be dismissed out of hand, otherwise you could find that your car suddenly packs up around you. Which no one wants! Here are a few warning signs you definitely should not ignore.

The engine management light

When this comes on, do make sure you grab your handbook and check it out as it could be a sign that there’s a serious problem. It could be, for example, that your cheap catalytic converter has sustained damage somehow and this really will need to be sorted out ASAP.

The converter is responsible for stopping dangerous fumes from being emitted. If left untreated, your damaged convertor can pose a risk to you and anyone else in the car, as dangerous fumes could leak inside.

The battery light

If this light comes on, it could mean that your alternator – which charges your battery – is faulty and not producing enough charge. But it may also be a problem with the battery because the cell will degrade as it gets older.

The brake light

This could be because you still have your emergency brake on as you’re driving, which is an easy fix. But it could also be because your brake pads have worn down excessively, so the brake sensors are exposed. Have your brakes checked immediately if this is the case. You might also have a problem with your automatic braking system, so take your car to the garage as soon as you can.

Oil pressure warning light

If this comes on, your oil pressure or levels are low and you shouldn’t carry on driving if this is the case. Pull over and check your oil levels, or take it to your local garage for them to have a look at it. If your car has low oil levels, it could just stop abruptly on its own and you may damage your engine.

Engine temperature warning light

This probably means that the coolant level in your car is low, but it could also mean that your engine is overheating… which could quickly turn into a serious problem for you and your car. Pull over somewhere safe, turn the car off and let the engine cool down. Then whisk it off to your local garage to have it checked over by a professional.

Tyre pressure warning light

This will pop up on your dashboard if one or more of your tyres is low. This could be down to a change in temperature so now that the heatwave is passed and the weather’s cooling down a bit, do go and make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. You’ll find the correct gauge in your handbook or on the inside of the driver’s side door.

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