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Bonfire Night Sees Spike In Kids Involved In Car Accidents

Bonfire Night Sees Spike In Kids Involved In Car Accidents

Drivers have been reminded to be extra careful on the roads this week as Bonfire Night typically sees a rise in car accidents involving children.

Many families will be out celebrating Guy Fawkes’ tonight (November 5th) and at the weekend, enjoying the festive atmosphere and watching fireworks.

However, according to Churchill Car Insurance, this time of the year is particularly dangerous for pedestrians, especially young ones, iNews reported.

Analysing its road traffic accident data, it found that Bonfire Night presents a spike in figures.

Head of car insurance Steve Barrett said: “The dangerous combination of a higher number of children on the roads, poor lighting and the clocks going back … means that drivers need to be extra vigilant.”

Firework night is not the only peak in children-related car accidents, as Halloween also presents a dangerous time for youngsters under ten on the street. Road traffic accidents tend to increase by 75 per cent on October 31st compared with the rest of the month around the spooky holiday.

Typically, 49 child pedestrians are involved in a road incident on Halloween, which is almost twice the average for two weeks before and two weeks after this date.

Adults are also at risk at this time of the year, with the number of car accidents involving grown-ups 12 per cent higher than the annual average.

It is not just pedestrians drivers with new cheap catalytic converters need to look out for, as autumn is a time of the year where you are more likely to encounter deer on the road.

According to the AA, 74,000 deer are hit by vehicles every year, with most of these incidences occurring during the colder and darker months. This is because the animals are heading into rutting season, and males tend to be distracted chasing females.

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