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How To Save Money On Your Fuel Expenses

How To Save Money On Your Fuel Expenses

There’s no escaping the fact that prices at the pumps have increased for drivers in recent months. The cost of filling up with both petrol and diesel has climbed, which may mean you’re looking for ways to reduce your fuel consumption if you can’t cut back on driving.

With fuel prices at a five and a half year high, the Express has offered drivers some suggestions on how to reduce the amount they’re spending at the pump.

Speaking to the newspaper, Tim Alcock of said that one of the easiest things drivers can do is look at their driving habits on a day-to-day basis.

He recommends using your car’s in-built system that measures miles per gallon (mpg) to see if the following tips make a difference to how often you’re filling your tank up.

One of the simplest things to do is make sure you’re not carrying extra equipment or items that you don’t need. Lighten the load and you’ll see your fuel consumption improve. Accelerating gently, and maintaining a steady speed, will use less fuel than accelerating quickly.

It’s advisable to avoid braking hard, unless you really need to. It’s also worth changing up to a higher gear and lowering your revs wherever possible, Mr Alcock added.

Think about whether you really need your air con on as well. At low speeds, your fuel consumption can climb by up to 20 per cent if you’re using air con in your vehicle, the news provider revealed.

Keeping your car well maintained is another must – and if you drive a diesel vehicle then making sure your diesel exhaust filter is in good condition is also sensible.

When you’re looking at your driving habits it’s also worth considering whether there are any times when you leave your engine idling unnecessarily. Aside from increasing your fuel consumption and creating air pollution, bear in mind that some councils have started fining drivers who do so in a bid to reduce emissions.

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