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Councils Increasingly Issuing Fines For Leaving Engines Running

Councils Increasingly Issuing Fines For Leaving Engines Running

A growing number of councils around the UK are threatening motorists with fines for leaving their engines idling.

The RAC reported on the trend, noting that local authorities in London, Nottingham, Norwich and Reading have all announced that they’ll start issuing penalties to drivers who repeatedly leave their cars running.

On the spot fines can vary from £20 in Nottingham to up to £80 in Westminster. For the most part, they’ve been used to encourage drivers to turn off their vehicles around schools and hospitals.

Nicholas Lyles, RAC head of roads policy, said that these fines are a good idea, but that they need to be used more effectively by local authorities.

“Measures like this can play a big part in changing driver behaviour, by encouraging them to really think about how they reduce their emissions footprint,” he stated.

Mr Lyles added that if these kinds of initiatives are effective at reducing emissions, it could mean that wider charging schemes for motorists don’t need to be implemented.

Improving air quality, particularly in the UK’s towns and cities, is a focus for the government. And it would appear that drivers themselves are making more eco-friendly choices when selecting new cars.

The latest figures from the SMMT show that demand for hybrid and plug-in vehicles has climbed by one-fifth, while the number of new registrations of diesel vehicles has fallen by 24.4 per cent.

If you do have a diesel vehicle, make sure your dpf filter is in good working order to reduce the emissions your motor produces.

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