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Petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid – what’s best for you?

Petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid – what’s best for you?

The old saying goes that different fuels work best for different drivers, so that diesel car, dpf filter fitted of course, might be the best choice for you.

A new tool, from car leasing company Car Wow, has been unveiled that claims it can tell you the best fuel type for you depending on what kind of driver you are, according to the Grimsby Telegraph.

In a survey, one in five drivers admitted they didn’t take their driving habits into account when choosing a new car, even though this could save on fuel and money if chosen correctly.

The basis of the fuel calculator looks at how far you drive each year, how long you spend on motorways versus in towns, and how long your average journey is.

If, for example, you do a low mileage, a cheaper petrol car is probably best and will save you the most overall. Petrol cars are also better suited to city driving, as petrol cars handle stops and starts better with fuel consumption and also are less likely to stall when your foot gets tired on the clutch.

Diesel is a better choice when you have high mileage, as it has great fuel economy.   Long journeys will help a diesel engine get to its optimum operating temperature, which means you’ll get a lot more miles to the gallon. Even fitted with a dpf filter, you also might find that diesel cars are penalised for city driving, especially in London, so if you are more a motorway driver, diesel may be a better choice.

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