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How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

With news that Palladium is out pricing gold at present, it’s no wonder that catalytic converter theft continues to be a problem for UK drivers and the supplier market. As recently as September, police re-issued a warning of thieves targeting catalytic converters, despite beliefs that this was a crime on the wane, as thieves target the precious metals that lie within. Rhodium, often contained within, already costs more than gold, in fact up to £2,000 an ounce according to the Telegraph, but with rising prices of Palladium alongside, converter thefts are becoming commonplace again.

It’s not an amateur crime either, as not only is extracting the metals a specialist job, thieves are expertly targetting and removing converters within five minutes by elevating cars on jacks in broad daylight, with passersby often thinking that thieves are mechanics working on the car.

A peak in these crimes six years ago introduced laws which made it illegal to buy scrap metal for cash, especially converters, however it is now thought that many of those that are stolen are being exported overseas.

The police have advice to help prevent theft of catalytic converters which is easy to follow.

Of course, first up is to park your car in a closed garage or one overlooked by your property, especially if you have a model which is prone to being targeted for these kinds of thefts.

You should also consider installing an approved Thatcham alarm – one that will go off if the vehicle is lifted or tilted will help overcome the problem of cars being expertly jacked to have their converters removed.

Specialist devices to prevent catalytic converter theft can also be purchased and fitted onto your vehicle – and may prove a worthwhile investment with fees reported up to £2,000 for repairs if not.

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