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Drivers Warned Lying On Insurance Applications Could Invalidate Policies

Drivers Warned Lying On Insurance Applications Could Invalidate Policies

The rising cost of petrol and car insurance premiums have made owning a vehicle very costly these days, which is why many drivers are tempted to tell little fibs on their insurance application to reduce their charges.

However, GoCompare Car Insurance has warned motorists that this is a big mistake, as it could end up invalidating their entire policy.

The financial services provider revealed there were 449,000 confirmed or suspected dishonest insurance applications made last year, where drivers either withheld information relevant to their application or completely lied.

However, if the insurance provider finds out the driver is being fraudulent, they could be heavily penalised for these ‘white lies’. The insurer might cancel the policy entirely, and the applicant could even struggle to get insurance in the future.

Lee Griffin, founder and president of GoCompare, said: “Honesty is always the best policy when applying or renewing your car insurance.”

He reminded motorists to declare damage to their car, even if they have paid for repairs themselves, and keep their insurer up to date with any changes, such as their occupation, motoring convictions or alterations to the vehicle.

Some lies that the price comparison site stated would invalidate policies include fibbing about whether the car is used for work or personal use, not admitting to driving convictions, and parents ‘fronting’ policies to get cheaper cover for their children.

This is an expensive time for drivers, which is why the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Fuel is calling on better monitoring of fuel costs, so petrol stations have to charge fair prices.

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