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Half Million Young Drivers Are Not Insured

Half Million Young Drivers Are Not Insured

Despite it being illegal to get behind the wheel of the car without insurance, around half a million young motorists in the UK are driving uninsured.

This is according to the latest findings from Compare The Market, which revealed 21 per cent of drivers aged between 17 and 24 know people of the same age who do not have insurance because they regard it as too expensive, but still choose to drive.

Head of motor insurance at the price comparison site Dan Hutson said: “Motor insurance is a legal requirement and young drives must realise that in avoiding taking out insurance for their vehicle, they are breaking the law and could incur severe penalties.”

These include a minimum fine of £300, six points on their driving licence and, potentially, disqualification from driving.

Not having insurance is just one of the cost-cutting measures young motorists are adopting. Among the others are putting off necessary repairs, including checking diesel exhaust filters are working, and avoiding car services – something 38 per cent of young drivers are guilty of.

A third also ignore warning lights for fluid, oil, temperature and water, while 12 per cent do not keep track of their MOT deadlines and the same number do not tax their motor. If discovered, those who do this can be fined up to £1,000, while drivers who are caught without a valid MOT face charges of £2,500 and three points on their licence.

Young motorists are also concerned about the growing cost of petrol and diesel these days, which is why the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Fuel recently called for a fuel price watchdog to be created so retailers are made to charge fair prices to their customers, the BBC reported.

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