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Modern Diesel Cars Too Dirty

Modern Diesel Cars Too Dirty

DPF filters could still be necessary for some time yet as the latest research by consumer champion Which? has shown that diesel cars are still ‘too dirty’.

Some new diesel cars are still emitting over 25 times the allowed amount of nitrogen according to Which?, following a test earlier this year that showed  47 out of 61 diesel car models exceed the latest Euro 6 limit for NOx. This was despite them passing official tests.

Which? managing director of home products and services Alex Neill told Sky News: “The current official tests fail to measure the actual level of emissions that cars are producing on our roads.

“Most diesels we assess are producing far more NOx in our tests than official limits allow.

“The new official tests should help reduce harmful emissions – but we will continue to penalise any car we find that produces excessive levels of pollutants in our tests.”

The finding follows the introduction of new tests last year for car emissions, that are much stricter than the tests cars had to pass before.

This is due to the diesel emissions scandal which discovered cars from many different manufacturers were found to emit much higher levels of pollution under real world driving tests than their own test results reported.

Though many were shocked, it also explained why researchers had failed to explain why pollution levels were so high across Europe considering the increased uptake of newer, less polluting cars.

Car manufactures that do not conform to these new standards face fines.

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